Archery Tag


Archery tag is definitively one of my new favorite sports. This modern game is growing quickly in popularity in Toronto. The mix of dodge ball and archery makes this games quite unique. Instead of throwing balls to eliminate your opponents you must shoot them with a special foam-tipped arrow. Don’t worry, if you never shot an arrow they will teach you at the beginning, and no, if you do get hit, it doesn’t hurt, well it doesn’t hurt that much! (Almost like getting flicked)

There are many locations offering this sport and they all have slight variation of the game. In my experience, I’ve played twice at the Archery Game in Vaughan with a big group of friends. The first time we played, it was my group of friends versus the other group. The second time, the referee divided everyone into 2 groups, you got to meet new people and play against some of your friends. Bring on the competition!

Both type of scenarios was quite fun. I think I even enjoyed shooting my friends better. Each game had a different goal which was either hitting the targets first or eliminating all players of the other team. Some games had players being healers or snippers with special powers once they are in the tower.

If you are interested to try it, I highly recommend going to the Archery Game in Vaughan. You will get to run, shoot arrows, get your adrenaline going and have a blast. It’s a very good workout- wear comfortable clothes!

The Archery Game not only offers archery tag but also offers bubble soccer and kin-ball. Pretty cool no? Check them out!

What is your new favorite sport?