About me

I am a 27 year old  French Canadian who loves trying out new activities, makeup and products. I am always looking for the latest trends and enjoy finding those hidden gems. I also love planning events, organizing sports, meeting new people and travelling.

I was born in a very very small town up North in Quebec where we used to jump off the roof in the snow for fun. I traveled my way through the capital of Canada Ottawa where I completed a Bachelor of Commerce in management. Home, sweet home, is now in the never sleeping city, Toronto. I never saw myself becoming a Torontonian but it’s probably the best place to live for people like me who want to try everything!

While living in Toronto, I took up some fun courses such as a Makeup certification with the International Beauty Institute (IBI) where I got to explore my love for makeup. I also completed a wedding planning certification with the Wedding Planners Institute of Canada (WPIC). Even when working for different companies, I’ve always needed to work in a creative space where endless possibilities are achievable while helping people.

There are so many opportunities and things to experience in life that it’s too short to do something you don’t enjoy. With this blog, I will find and report the best activities, dates, subscription boxes, new products, fashion, and restaurant to try out.

I hope that you will find something new to experience and love.